The new Chevrolet FNR-X concept is like a plug-in Camaro on stilts

04/19/2017 22:53:27
The new Chevrolet FNR-X concept is like a plug-in Camaro on stilts
Chevy is exploring the future as well as showcasing the talents of its Asia-based design team with the FNR-X concept car.

The Chevrolet FNR-X concept car has already been unveiled at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show. The FNR-X was designed as a successor to 2015 Chevrolet FNR concept, that looked like an escapee from a science fiction movie. Chevrolet calls it an "all-purpose sports concept vehicle." Basically, it's a crossover, but it rocks an aggressive look that seems to borrow from Chevrolet's stable of sports cars. Dare we say it, we see a good bit of Camaro in that nose.



The interior reminds us a bit of the Camaro, too. It has a large, hexagonal screen front and center, with a pretty straightforward dash design that has just a bit of pizzazz. Of course, since it's a concept, there are also screens in the center console, near the driver and scattered elsewhere around the interior. The FNR-X's look is interesting, sure, but its technological complement is even more intriguing. As we've seen in other concept cars, Chevrolet places the focus on individualization, using an identification system to determine the user and change vehicle settings to suit.



In order to maximize the efficiency of its plug-in hybrid system, the FNR-X is loaded with active aerodynamics. Shutters in the grille can open or close to deliver more air or divert it around the front end for increased efficiency, a system already prevalent in Chevy's road cars. On top of that, wheel spokes can adjust for reducing drag at high speeds, and the side skirts change position based on vehicle mode. The FNR-X concept is a looker that once again reminds us that our inevitable future involves a whole lot of crossovers and batteries.


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